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At  Lyndhurst, we have had a strong philosophy of care for many years, which has adapted to include advances in clinical techniques.


This approach is based on two main concepts:-



The Lyndhurst team is dedicated to helping our patients prevent dental deterioration.  Whilst the main responsibility for dental care lies with the patient, we approach this together.  Our experienced team of  specialists and hygienists are integral to this approach, advising and encouraging our patients to maintain healthy mouths on a daily basis.  



Our aim is for our patients to keep their teeth for life. Minimally invasive dentistry is the practice of using materials and techniques (particularly techniques using bonded materials) to ensure that we are as kind to teeth as possible, saving as much tooth tissue as possible to achieve the desired result. Although the expression ‘Minimally Invasive Dentistry' is relatively recent, this is an approach that we have used at Lyndhurst since the practice was established by Fred Porter in 1975!.